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Older Men on Erectile Dysfunction

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Is erectile dysfunction just a part of old age? ED does not need to become part of getting old. It is true as you become old, you might want more stimulation (for example, touching and stroking) to find an erection. You may need time between erections or you may use

Old Man as Another Victim of a Prank Call

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When he had been awakened by a phone call, Joseph Jones was sleeping at a Motel 6 room at Spartanburg, South Carolina on Sunday. The man caller, who identified himself as a resort secretary, spun a bizarre story about a previous guest using abandoned “highly complex cameras” from the guest

Five Per Week: Recommended Hot Baths For Elders

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Seniors taking five hot baths in a week may experience improvement of the cardiovascular health Sauna or steam bath is usually one of the primary services in spas and health and wellness centers. Sometimes, this is included in the basic packages or promo services. But not only for recreational reasons

Senior Health

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Healthy Lifestyle – Encoresl

How to have a Healthy Plate

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