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Wrong Light is Bad Just Like Unhealthy Food Among Elders

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UNWORTHY OBSERVATION OBSERVES ALERTITY AND SLEEP WAKE-UP PULSE The unconscious perception of online lighting Australia light is crucial for health, argue professor Domien Beersma and colleagues. It would be good if doctors took this into account in ophthalmic treatments. For example, the standard placement of a yellow lens during a

How To Prevent Accidents Among Seniors

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The elderly are very vulnerable to accidents. In particular, falling, tripping, slipping or falling down a ladder, stairs or bicycle often lead to serious injuries. The accidents mainly occur in and around their own home. They often cause bone fractures and can lead to reduced self-reliance and mobility. Accidents among

Safe On The e-bike: Initiatives For The Elderly

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The electric bicycle is popular, especially the elderly ride away. In various municipalities there are initiatives for increasing skills and safety and reducing the risk of falling. A selection from the range. The popularity of electric bicycles is growing steadily. For example, the Knowledge Institute for Mobility Policy (KiM) calculated

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