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Senior Citizens Gaining Fame as Grandma/Grandpa Gamers

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The community of senior video-game players is growing, as many have proven that engaging in games helped in motivating them to stay physically and mentally fit. Moreso now that a number of senior citizens have become popular across gaming communities and in video-streaming channels like YouTube, where they are called

Invigorating And Positive Effect Of Coffee On Health Including Elderly

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For some years now, many people, including scientists and medical doctors, have been asking how healthy coffee is. In addition to its taste, the stimulating effect of coffee is probably the main reason why coffee is so popular. But coffee not only has an invigorating effect, but it also has

Fit And Healthy In Old Age – Eat Well

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Life expectancy was 48 years for women and 45 years for men and has risen to 82 and 77 years, respectively. The reasons are both medical progress, better nutrition, and better general education. “You are as old as you feel!” A true saying, because there are people who are still

Senior Health: On Medications And Alcohol

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Scotch & Cigars is an excellent gentleman’s guide towards knowing the fundamentals of cigars and scotch. Whether you are new to scotch and cigar or are an expert around scotch and cigar pairings, there’s no greater feeling than looking forward to end the day with a relaxing evening by indulging

Promoting Kidney Health For Seniors

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  Kidneys will need to stay healthy to carry out their functions such as keeping this health becomes much more important for individuals over age 60 and controlling water flow levels in the human body, and removing waste. As people age, it gets more difficult to maintain optimal kidney help

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