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Senior health: the most common problems in old age

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The physical changes that occur in old age also bring health problems with them. Seniors often suffer from several illnesses at the same time. Often these are accompanied by mental and physical limitations. The combination of both can in turn result in frailty and thus lower resilience and an increased

How TikTok is Slowly Gaining Traction in the Field of Healthcare?

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On the subject of health, some of the raw, real as well as riveting interactions in healthcare aren’t happening on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Rather, the real interaction takes place on TikTok. Several healthcare providers even opted to buy TikTok views to raise awareness about proper healthcare. Just a quick

Massage Therapy And Sauna For Improved Senior Health

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Taking better and much care of our body is very crucial for everyone to have increased levels of energy, as well as for us to have a better capability to carry out and fulfill our day-to-day goals. It is then essential for us to give our body the proper care

Exercise for the Elderly: Building Strength and Well-being

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Building strength and Improving balance is important for everyone, even the elderly. With proper exercise followed by a healthy diet, seniors may begin to see changes in their  overall health and well-being. Doing even the simplest of exercises a couple of minutes a day can greatly improve one’s balance and

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