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Protein Needs For Seniors

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When a person is over 65, the appetite often falls. In relation to the energy/calorie requirement, this may be true, depending on the individual physical activity – but not on protein intake, as recent, international studies by age researchers have clearly shown. Clearly, there are many things seniors should know

What does the Best Drone under 100 Bucks can Give You?

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These days, it is fairly easy to find the best drone under 100 bucks that lets you do pretty much anything you can think of it. These drones act as your eyes in the sky and with the huge demand on it, the number of applications are almost limitless. Well,

Important Things Senior Needs to Know to Maintain Good Health

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Summer is a best time to stay active and have fun outdoors. Nevertheless, for older people age 65 or older, this weather can also provide health difficulties. As the days get warmer, they may become constantly dehydrated, have difficulty getting their regular exercise, or feel abandoned inside the house to

The Benefits of Travelling Among The Older Adults

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Did you know that travelling and or moving around as one age improves the overall health? Studies have shown that older adults who travel had an improvement in their mood and on their outlook in life. They are more happy and energetic. Travelling can be a way for older adults

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