Diet is the basis for physical well-being and quality of life. It has a huge impact on your health. The social component is also important: shopping, food preparation, and the food itself, which is a good occasion for socializing.

Seniors are particularly influenced by certain dietary habits. If the doctor recommends a change in diet, he should therefore know the individual eating habits. It is best to discuss the changes in behavior with the doctor and patient.

Seniors should decide independently about their diet. It is important, however, that they are adequately informed about the effects of diet on their health. The first, important step is to know what makes a healthy diet. And if you have some dietary files for your elders, you may convert them through

Reasons for poor nutrition: large kitchens, disability, loose dentures

Many seniors are dependent on communal catering, for example in a senior citizen’s home or a nursing home. Unfortunately, the health aspects of nutrition are often neglected in large kitchens. This still applies today in many large kitchens that work in homes, clinics, or for “meals on wheels “.

Frailty and disabilities also contribute to malnutrition. With limited mobility, it is not always possible to have fresh fruit and vegetables. Another reason for malnutrition in old age: Restrictions on the chewing apparatus such as missing or diseased teeth or poorly fitting dentures. This means that sometimes only pudding, yogurt, and applesauce are on the menu.

Circumstances that can influence eating behavior in old age

  • Thirst, appetite, hunger, and the ability to sense taste may decrease.
  • Problems with the teeth or the denture can lead to difficulty chewing and a one-sided choice of food.
  • Fragility and disability can lead to difficulty in shopping and cooking.
  • The digestive organs become less active which can lead to constipation.
  • Acute or chronic illnesses require diet changes.
  • Depression, poor memory, and dementia can negatively affect food intake.
  • Medications can cause or worsen nutritional problems. One example is pain medication, which often causes stomach problems.

Seniors need fewer calories but a lot of nutrients

From the age of thirty, the body’s energy consumption continues to decrease, and the need for calories decreases. This is the result of a lower basal metabolic rate, decreasing muscle mass, and less physical activity.

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