Extreme Benefits of Music Therapy for Senior Health

Extreme Benefits of Music Therapy for Senior Health

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Many would agree that music has cheered them up, evoked their past memories and at times, provided comfort in times of great stress. For countless years, a lot of people have reaped the benefit of music therapy in which it utilizes musical interventions in addressing various issues like:

  • Emotional
  • Cognitive and;
  • Physical

In a number of retirement communities, music therapies are being offered to provide assistance to seniors in dealing with different age-related problems similar to depression, general stress, chronic pain as well as memory impairment. In the next lines, we are going to look closer at the top benefits that music therapy provides among seniors.

Reducing Stress

While stress is just a small part of our everyday life, there are older adults who have experienced overwhelming tension and stress in their life. In regards to this, listening to music has been known to help seniors to alleviate their anxiety and stress by means of reducing their cortisol or the stress hormone and at the same time, slowing their heart rate.

When music therapy is in play, it uses songs that have particular themes, lyrics or rhythms to support people to feel at ease and more relaxed.

Improving Cognitive Skills and Speech

Music therapy program is typically used in memory care treatment. The goal is slowing the decline of speech skills especially among patients who are suffering from dementia. There are cases in which music therapy inspires people who are non-verbal to converse by means of humming or singing.

According to a study performed at Stanford University, music has an effect among adults on stimulating some parts of the brain to increase blood circulation while improving cognitive performance among seniors.

Promoting Social Activity

Music can bring people together. With music therapy, seniors are actually encouraged to connect and communicate with the rest of the facility. In the process, they were able to make new friends and subtlety reduce their stress levels. With this, seniors were able to alleviate their feelings of isolation and loneliness. This is the reason why several skilled nursing facilities, senior care facilities, and related organizations are integrating music therapy programs as part of their care for seniors.

Advances in Senior Health Care

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Practicing healthy lifestyle is your best defense in preventing health problems to arise. As for seniors on the other hand, engaging in healthy activities can be a big help in improving the quality of life. Preventative senior care is critical to senior’s health and at the same time, for keeping healthy minds and fitter body as we are growing older.

There are several activities that might just thwart off various health conditions and illnesses while improving physical and mental functions in the process. By taking advantage of app modernization services, it will be easier to track progress.

This will lead us on which area seniors have to focus to have continuous development in their overall health.

App Integration for Dieting and Exercise

First things first, diet plays a crucial role in a senior’s diet. This prevents or delays majority of ailments related to senior health. As a matter of fact, there are several assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities and other relevant facilities that embraced smartphone apps to monitor the health status of seniors admitted under their care.

On top of balanced and healthy diet, several apps combine it with low impact exercises that are just the thing for seniors. Doing regular exercises can help in keeping your bones, heart and other vitals work in optimal condition. Physical activity can help in preventing wide varieties of physical ailments which include heart attack and build up bone mass, which is critical in preventing osteoporosis among seniors.

Aside from physical benefits, there are mental benefits associated to engaging regular exercise too like improving brain function. Having said that, exercising can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease to progress.

It’s Perfect for Leisure

Leisure activities are anything that is providing relaxation to seniors partnered with social, mental and physical elements. This greatly improves the mind and body. For so many times, scientists have proved this to be extremely effective in slowing or preventing Alzheimer’s and other health-related concerns to seniors.

Isn’t it amazing how technology has improved our lives for good? With its simple ways, it helps in protecting our seniors and prolonging their life by compiling the best practices to achieve healthier lifestyle.

Maintaining or Improving Senior Health with Simple Activities

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It is imperative among seniors to engage themselves in fitness. Even a simple walk can do a big impact on their overall health. This can prevent health conditions from worsening such as arthritis, cramps and the likes. After all, it is much better to keep on moving than having a sedentary lifestyle.

Start a New Way of Life

If you have a senior in your family or perhaps, you personally is one, then the activities discussed below would help you attain better health and body. We will be talking about simple exercises with high-impact.

Among seniors, tripping and falling is fairly common. To address this, improving balance is very important. Fortunately, there are many fitness enthusiasts and doctors who are starting to support seniors in re-done of no pain and no gain attitude. They find out that seniors who expect to add pain into their lifestyle might already incorporate chronic pain is unreasonable expectations.

Being Active must be in Top Priority

Activities similar to dancing and walking are highly recommended for they are beneficial and a painless way among seniors to stay fit and healthy. While engaging in such activity as well, it can be partnered with corsets to practice proper breathing and posture. You can get such directly from CorsetHQ.com.

There are several ways of ensuring that you’re in the right surrounding in “no pain, no gain workout”.

Gyms that have certified instructors are wonderful place to begin with. Gyms and health clubs offering senior classes are now on the rise. Silver Sneakers for instance are offering a class geared for seniors at different ability and fitness levels. There are even a lot of instructors who are modifying exercises for their clients.

Training that is Geared Specifically for You

In case that the modification isn’t available, then simply ask your fitness manager or instructor. So long as your physician gives you a go signal to take on these classes or activities, then the instructor must give ways to keep the pressure off of the wrists and knees. Perhaps, they should recommend alternative exercises for those who are using wheelchairs or walkers.

Weight classes and wellness centers must have personal trainers to be readily available who is knowledgeable enough to instruct clients with proper ways of weight lifting and circuit training. Reconsider looking for a different class if the instructor seems reluctant on the information divulged.

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