Even as a senior, you can still keep your youth and vibrant by using make-ups like the one from https://www.gogrit.org/style/beauty/best-mascaras-for-older-women/. However, one thing that is inevitable is the fact that you’ll sooner or later need assistance with what seems to be a common thing you used to be doing. This is the reason why many more Americans are opting to age in place and stay in their house instead of moving to a retirement setting.

But most of the time, this mean that they have to do some changes in their house – so as to keep them safe and healthy, especially with the changing physical abilities as we age. Doing some modifications can help seniors a lot in maintaining the life they used to live.

In most cases, these modifications are intended to prevent injuries that may result to loss of independence and at the same time, the early admission to long-term care facility or assisting living facility.

Recommended Modifications to Apply in Your Home

Following are basic and common examples that are done in changing the house for senior living.

  • Installing grab bars for tubs and toilets and installing a tub seat or a walk-in tub.
  • Removing unnecessary throw rugs and fastening down rugs or floor runners to avoid slipping
  • Moving furniture to be able to create clear paths for walking
  • Keeping objects off of the floor and coil as well or securing cords to the wall in order to prevent tripping
  • Replacing doorknobs with lever door handles
  • Applying non-slip tapes on uncarpeted outdoor and indoor steps
  • Replacing the standard light switches using rocker-style switches
  • Increasing the doorway and hallways width with the goal of accommodating wheelchairs and wherever possible, lowering countertops and sinks
  • Replacing or repairing loose handrails
  • Installing decent lighting in stairways
  • Installing chair lift or elevator
  • Installing elevated dishwasher

When performing home modifications for seniors, you should not and never forget the importance of having good lighting. Seniors require 2 or 3 times more lighting to be able to see clearer, especially at night.

Natural Lighting is Important!

With this, letting enough natural sunlight to enter your home is a good idea plus, it is a good source of vitamin D. This helps senior’s body to absorb more calcium that strengthens bones and teeth.

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