Many older people complain that they are more likely to have cold symptoms than they used to.

Many internal and external factors can contribute to the fact that a person becomes more susceptible to colds in old age than he was in younger years. For example, seniors tend to adapt more slowly to temperature fluctuations, which is attributed to the loss of muscle mass and protective body fat in old age.

Loneliness makes you depressed

Due to the dissolution of traditional family structures, senior citizens often lack diverse social contacts. A lack of exercise can result, and the drive to prepare regular and varied meals diminishes. A related inadequate supply of essential vitamins and minerals often leads to a weakening of the immune system. If the long-term partner also dies, it can lead to depressive moods up to severe depression that requires treatment, especially in the low-light season.

Side effects are often underestimated

It is often underestimated that some drugs favor or accelerate the processes described. For example, phenothiazines or diuretics, which are often used in older patients, can lead to disturbances in temperature regulation.

Depression is also a possible adverse drug reaction. In recent years there have been repeated individual reports of depression and suicidal ideation with drugs from completely different drug classes.

Sleep pills can increase the risk of falling

Many older people suffer from insomnia, but benzodiazepines or benzodiazepine analogs are often prescribed. Their use can be associated with side effects such as tiredness and drowsiness the following day, impaired vision, and reactions. These increase the risk of falling, which is particularly relevant when there are snow and ice. Painting the house with the best metallic silver spray paint can lighten the mood of seniors.

Older people who have often fallen, often no longer dare to go outside in unfavorable weather conditions and thus easily get into a vicious circle, because regular exercise is particularly recommended to strengthen the immune system in autumn and winter.

Gymnastics to the Urn

Nevertheless, many seniors have already recognized that exercise keeps them fit. Hiking, Nordic walking, swimming and aqua gymnastics are, for example, sports that can be practiced into old age. Exercise not only maintains mobility but also strengthens the immune system. In the event of a cold, however, a training break should be taken, not only to protect the body but also to reduce the risk of infection if sports are played in the community. It is advisable not to exercise while taking antibiotics. The doctor should decide when to start exercising again.

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