Summer is a best time to stay active and have fun outdoors. Nevertheless, for older people age 65 or older, this weather can also provide health difficulties. As the days get warmer, they may become constantly dehydrated, have difficulty getting their regular exercise, or feel abandoned inside the house to evade the heat. Coupled with the additional risks associated to COVID-19, it’s very essential for seniors to control their health and make summertime safety the utmost priority.

Below are some important things adults that are at least 60 years old older needs to know so as to have a safe and healthy vacaton.

Pay Closer to COVID-19 Hazards

People at least 60 years old are at a high risk of having serious difficulties associated to COVID-19 due because of their weak immune system and common underlying health illnesses like diabetes and heart condition. That’s why it’s particularly crucial  for seniors to recognize the dangers of COVID-19 infection before engaging in summer exercises. To decide which activities are suitable, they should acknowledge their convenience level, their level of danger because of age or medical conditions, and the risk of getting Covid-19 in their place.

2: Stay Cool, Stay Hydrated

Summer season can be risky for almost all of us, but seniors are especially prone to dehydration, which can result to heat stroke. Older adults may have more problems managing their inner temperature or allowing the sweat they have to stay chill and relaxed. As people get older, it’s typical for the senses to be dulled, so they may not seem keen. Moreover, medicines seniors consume for typical health problems such as high blood pressure may make them inclined to dehydrate.

3: Have fun Being Outside

Spending half an hour per a day wearing the favorite sweater or those from JUICE WRLD clothing outside isn’t just calming, it’s also good for the health. The summer sun is perfect at it is rich in Vitamin D, which is essential for keeping the bones stronger. I encourage seniors to come up with excuses to spend time outside this summer — walk the dog, go on a picnic, tour the community with a small group of friends.

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