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Yoga for SeniorsAre you looking for a low impact exercise option for seniors? Yoga is a great choice. It is a moderate cardiovascular, full-body workout that strengthens, tones, and increases flexibility.

Yoga’s goals range from improving
health to achieving spiritual tranquility. It typically involves breath control, simple meditation, and bodily postures.
Yoga can be good for seniors in a number of ways:
• Relieving stress
• Developing core strength
• Lengthening and strengthening muscles
• Alleviating pain
• Enhancing flexibility

There are a number of simple positions that you can do to benefit your health. The basic sitting position, Sukhasana, where you sit on the floor, cross-legged helps focus awareness on breathing and the body. It also strengthens the lower back and opens the hips and groin. The Dog and Cat positions, which are positions where you are on your hands and knees, increase flexibility of the spine. The Mountain posture, which is a standing position, improves posture, balance, and self-awareness. The Forward Bend extension stretches the legs and spines, rests the heart and neck, and relaxes mind and body.
These are just a few of many simple yoga postures you can do to increase flexibility, relieve stress, and develop strength. So, put on some comfortable clothes and practice yoga for health.

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