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AARPThe AARP offers “decoders” to help seniors figure out their Medicare Summary Notices (MSN). The decoders handle Medicare Part A, which includes coverage for hospitals, etc, and Medicare Part B, which includes coverage for physician’s services. The tools break down the patient’s Medicare Summary Notice and show how many benefit days they’ve used, what services they’ve received, and which facility the services were rendered at. This tool will help empower seniors to keep track of their medical history and care.
The decoder includes detailed information about each line item on your MSN. Details include pop-ups about:
• How to change your name or address
• Private Medicare administrative contractors who deal with your claims
• Claims made by doctors and other health care professionals
• Understanding billing codes
• Understanding payment columns

If you find your Medicare Summary Notices confusing, which let’s face it, many of us do, then the AARP tool is a great resource to help you understand exactly what you’re seeing on your statement. And remember, MSNs are not bills, just informative statements for you to keep for your records.

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