These days, it is fairly easy to find the best drone under 100 bucks that lets you do pretty much anything you can think of it. These drones act as your eyes in the sky and with the huge demand on it, the number of applications are almost limitless.

Well, aside from having HD cameras built-in, there are drones that are being used in logistics. For example, it may be used to transport different information-gathering devices or equipment that extends its purpose from recreational activities to health and sciences. Particularly in the latter, there are several assisted living facilities that are integrating drones in their operations. It may be hard to believe, but some are transitioning already into it.

Let us further discuss which other sections of health, these drones can be used for.

Medical Surveillance and Public Health

Drones are also called as unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV and are being used to do surveillance of areas that have chemical and biological hazards or even to track the spread of a disease. It evolved from just taking photos and videos in the sky to gathering information about patients who are in need of care as well as triage in high-risk locations.


Among the promising and beneficial applications of drones is in the field of Telemedicine or the remote treatment and diagnosis of patients by using internet technology. This is actually a big thing especially today, when the world is in social distancing to fight the growing cases of Covid-19.

However, one downfall to this approach is that there is a need for strong internet connection between the base and the drone itself to deliver uninterrupted service. This should not be a big deal for there’s the release of 5G that promises 2x or more the speed of 4G internet.

Medical Transportation System

The fast response times as well as the ability of navigating to impassable terrains made drones an appealing option for medical delivery platform. Truth is, researchers from NHLS or National Health Laboratory Service and the UAV division of Denel Dynamics tried a proof-of-concept unmanned system in transporting microbiological samples to be more effective and efficient from the rural clinics to the NHLS center. This created faster testing for HIV on potentially infected patient.

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