Selecting a wheelchair for a senior relative is always a big decision. It is important to pick the ideal wheelchair for the user’s wants and needs, as they will be spending a substantial portion of their time sitting in the device. Visit read more credit card reviews and other tutorials.

There are many different wheelchair possibilities available on the market for seniors who have limited mobility. With a little research, a new chair can greatly enhance the independence of the consumer and increase their wellbeing. This article provides a summary of the best wheelchair alternatives for seniors struggling with restricted freedom, while also highlighting the things that should take into account before purchasing a wheelchair.

Kinds of Wheelchairs Available to Seniors

Every senior has marginally different mobility requirements. Some could use a wheelchair as a permanent, everyday mobility solution, though others might just need one for temporary use or to get a little additional assistance during lengthier excursions beyond the house.

Review the choices below to determine which kind of wheelchair will be the best fit for particular mobility requirements.

Electric Wheelchairs

Electric or motor-powered wheelchairs are perfect for elderly men and women who have limited upper-body mobility. Electric wheelchairs provide additional freedom on longer excursions since they don’t need to be self-propelled or pushed by a company.

While most powerchairs are quite heavy and need to be launched in a van, there are a growing number of portable electrical wheelchairs on the market such as the WHILL Model Ci and Pride Go Chair that disassemble for simple transportation.

Standard Manual Wheelchairs

A standard manual wheelchair is often the first option that people will look at when choosing a wheelchair for either themselves or even a senior relative. Unlike movable seats, manual wheelchairs possibly have to be pushed from behind or self-propelled by pushing the grips on the wheels. These wheelchairs can be ideal for both independent users and users who are being cared for by a nurse or loved ones.

There a many unique brands and styles of standard wheelchairs. To get a comfortable and dependable alternative that is loaded with features, check out the Blue Streak Wheelchair by Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare.

Heavy-Duty Manual Wheelchairs

Heavy-duty wheelchairs Are ideal for seniors who need additional support in their mobility apparatus. These wheelchairs are designed to accommodate wider or taller adults and usually have a max weight capacity of around 500 pounds. Because they can accommodate heavier people, these wheelchairs are normally heavier too, making them slightly more difficult to store or transport than a normal wheelchair.

The Drive Sentra Bariatric is a great all-around heavy-duty wheelchair choice, coming standard with a 20″ to 24″ seat and strengthened side framework.

Lightweight Manual Chairs

Lightweight wheelchairs for Seniors are made to fold-up and move smoothly. They’re typically less wide than conventional wheelchairs, which makes them more pliable in narrow halls and other tight indoor spaces. Lightweight wheelchairs have a lighter frame and can fit in the trunk of most car models, making them far easier to transport than electrical or heavy-duty wheelchairs.

The Drive Steel Transport chair is a good example of a superb lightweight wheelchair that’s both affordable and flexible.

Ultralight Manual Chairs

Ultralight Wheelchairs can weigh no more than ten pounds and are ideal for seniors that will have to travel and transport their chair quite often. These chairs aren’t as rugged as the wheelchairs mentioned previously and usually cannot accommodate heavier users.

An ultra-lightweight wheelchair such as the Drive Fly-Lite transport wheelchair can be readily folded and raised by the majority of people, which makes it a great fit for an elderly person that has many different caregivers with different strength levels.

Lift Chairs

Lift chairs and reclining seats can function as a great complementary product for seniors that are wanting to buy a wheelchair. Lift chairs come in many different weights and sizes and are great for seniors who may need additional help standing up or simply have to be resting at different angles for comfort. The Golden Signature Imperial chair is an illustration of a fantastic all-around lift chair that can provide additional support for the head, neck, and lower back while sitting down.

Walkers and Rollators

Walkers and rollators can be a superb full-time mobility option for seniors that will walk without major pain but require a little additional help on longer trips. Rollators often come equipped with a chair, allowing users to take short rests as required. A walker or rollator may also serve as a valuable secondary apparatus for seniors that are already using a wheelchair as their primary mobility apparatus. The Drive Nitro Elite Carbon Fiber Rollator is an example of a strong, sleek rollator that comes equipped with a durable and comfortable seat.

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